Viator Things to Do

Plan your next trip with an insider! Viator’s Things to Do Network is a series of travel blogs that engage travelers like you at the local level, both those living in these destinations and those planning visits there.

Insider Tips

All blog entries are written by Viator’s trusted global network of guides, local experts and freelance travel writers. From tips on bargain shopping in Paris to advice about getting around New York City, Viator's Things to Do blogs are filled with insider advice for travelers just like you.

Knowledagable Community

Viator Things to Do blogs were created for easy access to news on local happenings, festivals, activities and attractions. Information from these blogs is also posted across Facebook and Twitter, giving our readers access to a full community of people passionate about the same destination as you! Share advice, ask questions, and learn from other people who have traveled there or even live there!

Exclusive Deals

The Viator Things to Do Network currently covers over 100+ top travel destinations. Want free tickets for an Oahu helicopter ride or 50% off a Eiffel Tower tickets? You've come to right place! Every month we have new contests, promotions, and deals happening so keep checking back!