Enchanted Nights in Cordoba (Noches de Embrujo)

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The air is filled with the unmistakeable scents of orange blossom, spikenard or jasmine and mystery awaits at each unexpected turn, as culture suffuses all corners of Cordoba in Andalucia. ‘Noches de Embrujo’ (enchanted nights) festival extends to towns and villages throughout the province.

The origins of Cordoba are lost in the mists of time. Settled along the river with fertile farming land the city was an important mining centre in the Bronze Age, when the Phoenicians and Greeks arrived on the peninsula, trading communication, artistic and commercial items along the River Guadalquivir.

Actors putting on a performance at the ‘Noches de Embrujo’ festival – Photo courtesy of Astivia.info

Marcus Claudius Marcellus modernised and extended Cordoba towards the east, building barracks, temples, tribunals, a circus, theatre, and offices of the Roman Republic, surrounded by a strong city wall. Philosopher Seneca was born in Cordoba between 4 BC and 1 AD, his Stoic ideas expressed through his works in commentaries on everyday situations. In the mid 20th century Cordoba started to recover its lost splendour and importance, and the historic quarter was declared a World Heritage Site.

Cordoba is a city of encounters among cultures where history has left its mark over thousands of years. The historic city comes alive with magic and charm every summer as the enchanting scene for artistic events and performances set in historic monuments and picturesque places. Culture and art fill every  street in a unique experience on warm summer nights, with artistic activities for audiences of all ages.

Young visitors enjoy storytelling in the Botanical Gardens, horse lovers thrill to the ‘Passion and Duende of the Andalusian horse’.  The Presjovem Lucena International Music Festival; ‘Moonlight Cinema’ programme; Palma del Río Theatre Festival; ‘Strolls around Cordoba’ programme and the Guitar in Cordoba festival are just some of the events on offer. Experience magnificent Flamenco shows in the historic centre, music, dance and theatre during the nights of July and August, as Cordoba and its province host wonderful equestrian shows, guided tours, artistic performances of classical, sephardic and jazz music, poetry recitals, magic and cinema to make each night something special.

- Jodi Rose

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