Surfing in Andalucia

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Surfing in Andalucia

Straddling the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Andalucia coastline offers a range of surf-able waves. Here are a few of the best beaches to hit in order to get your Spanish surfing fix.

On the Mediterranean side, you’ve got the Costa del Sol, home to tourist hotspots such as the cities of Marbella and Málaga. Given the calmer seawaters along this part of the coastline, sizeable waves can indeed tend to be far and few between. At the same time, this can make it an ideal place for beginners to try their hand (err, feet?) at hanging ten. For better waves, travel southwest to the area around the city of Estepona.

More experienced wave riders might want to consider heading still westward to the southernmost point of Spain. There, where the ocean meets the sea, you’ll find the city of Tarifa. Due to the strong winds gusting through the straights, the land around Tarifa is filled with energy-producing windmills, meanwhile the water is filled wind and kite surfers.

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For the most idyllic southern Spanish surfing waves, though, people head even farther west, beyond Tarifa and up the Costa de la Luz toward Cádiz. Along this coastline, you’ll find the city of Conil and the beaches of El Palmar, famous for both surfboarding and body boarding. On this Atlantic side of Andalucia, more catchable waves can be had, even though they might still not compare to more popular surf destinations found elsewhere around the world.

If the waves don’t meet your standards when surfing in Andalucia, don’t fret: there are loads of other water-bound activities to fill your time with — from boating, rowing, diving and wakeboarding, finding fun in the water shouldn’t be any issue.

-Erin Ridley

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