Finding the Right Fiesta Just Got Easier for Party People in Buenos Aires

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Nightlife is serious business in Buenos Aires - photo courtesy of YoTuT via Flickr

The nightlife scene in Buenos Aires is legendary, a party capital of Argentina and the world that pulls on its sky-high stiletto heels when most cities are getting ready for a nightcap. Some say that you haven’t even experienced this city until you’ve watched the sun rise after dancing the night away.

Things get started late in Buenos Aires. Couples could begin a festive evening with dinner out after 10pm, even later on weekends. Afterward, meet up with your crew for coffee after midnight, to decide where the evening’s action might be. While some clubs may wave the cover charge if you arrive early—before, say, 2am—the dance floor isn’t likely to get hopping for another hour, going until 7am (when restrictive new ordinances require clubs to close for the evening; alcohol sales stop at 5am). And that’s when the afterparties begin.

While guidebooks include solid listings for top bars and clubs, the serious party scene is always changing. Savvy newcomers check out the many Buenos Aires entertainment guides online, with listings that may be updated more often (though these days you just can’t be sure). The tips included for a successful night out, however, have a much longer shelf life.

Checking local listings and networking with locals to learn where the hottest spots are are two common pieces of advice. Other guides specialize in a particular type of venue, such as Buenos Aires’ top boliches (late-night clubs). Others focus on neighborhoods, for instance the clubs in Palermo.

But for those who want really up-to-date information, there’s only one place to go: social media. But who has time to go through all those Facebook pages and tweets looking for the hottest ticket in the Argentine capital? Now you don’t have to—the GEOclubbing guide taken over Buenos Aires, which gathers all the independent Facebook pages and information into a one-stop shop of all clubbing and party info anyone could need.

GEOClubbing is a global party guide that covers six cities so far: London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Syndney, San Francisco, and now, Buenos Aires. With aggregated listings for clubs, DJs, house parties, live music (listen to clips online) and much more, including maps and other information, it will help even the tamest party animal find the right spot to roar. And since it’s all updated as regularly as each venue’s Facebook page, you won’t be disappointed at 3am to find out that your chosen club has closed down.

-Paige Penland

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