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Australian meat pie

Australian meat pie. Photo courtesy of avlxyz via Flickr.

The melting pot of Australia has resulted in the local food culture being a distinct mix of various ethnic food types. So, in essence, famous foods in Australia are a conglomerate of Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and European food. If you want to get technical and refer to officially Australian iconic food, then the following list of tasty treats are a good place to start.

Meat pies

The Australian meat pie could be considered the Australian form of fast food. These individual sized pies that are easy to take on the go contain, usually, a meat and gravy filling – some of which are sometimes topped with mashed potatoes and mushy peas, and of course more gravy. Nowadays, pies are as fancy as beef bourguignon or Thai green curry.


With Vegemite, a little goes a long way. Kids are basically raised on Vegemite in Australia meaning they crave a good sandwich with the salty, yeasty spread more than foreigners can quite understand.

Prawns and seafood

The word “shrimp” just would not suffice down under; Aussies enjoy giant prawns instead (and yes, they do cook them “on the barbie”). Additionally, seafood of all kinds make its mark on the local cuisine – everything from oysters to tuna.

Sausage rolls

Just like a meat pie, a sausage roll is yet another form of convenient Australian snack food that people crave. Sausage and filler is wrapped in a pastry, and they can be found at pastry and pie shops across the country.


The pavlova, while loved by millions of Australians, provides a contentious topic given that New Zealanders often claim that they invented the dessert. Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Australians love a good “pay” – a dessert with a meringue base and topped with cream and fruit.


Sponge cake squares, covered in chocolate and doused in coconut, the lamington is often served sliced in half with a layer of cream. This Australian created dessert is popular with a cup of good tea.

Tim Tams

The original Tim Tams consists of two chocolate cookies put together with a layer of icing before being dipped in chocolate. Nowadays, Tim Tams come in all sorts of flavors from caramel filled to honeycomb.

Beyond this list, Australian barbecues, or that can be enjoyed at a pub (pub grub) is essentially Aussie. What do you consider to be Australia’s famous food?

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