Ayers Rock Tips for First-Time Visitors

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ayers rock first time visitor tips

First Time Visitor Tips to Ayers Rock. Photo by robertnyman via Flickr.

Being both remote and a popular tourist attraction, a trip to Ayers Rock is best done when well-planned in advance. While the remoteness generally means there are fewer visitors than at something like Bondi Beach, the fact remains that there is a high season and a low season that one must take into account before visiting. Plus, transport and accommodation are limited, which has the ability to make or break a trip altogether.

The first-time visitor can ensure a fail-proof trip by remembering a few key Ayers Rock tips.

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Respect the local beliefs.

Ayers Rock itself is considered by the Aboriginal community as a sacred place, and they take this very seriously. While hiking up over the rock is not illegal, the Aboriginal community would prefer that visitors did not take part in this activity. And, if someone does hike over it, do not proceed to be lewd and disrespectful in the process. The Aboriginal community has gone as far as to request a person’s deportation from Australia because of their actions on top of the rock.

Another point to keep in mind deals with the no photography zones of the more sacred spots.

Remember sun and heat protection.

The extremely hot and dry climate of the Ayers Rock region provides an unforgiving heat and plenty of sunshine to visitors. Do yourself a favor and wear long sleeves and pants to protect from the sun; everything else top off with sunscreen regularly, a hat and sunglasses. Drink plenty of water in addition and try to avoid strenuous activities in peak midday sun.

That said, it is a desert out there, and that means that once the sun sets, the air becomes chilly. Bring a jacket to combat the evening cool.

Take into account the time of year.

Visiting during the Australian summer can often be too hot to fully enjoy one’s self, and the King’s Canyon walk has been known to close on extremely hot days. The Australian winter means warm days, but the nighttime is freezing, literally. If visiting in the winter months, it is best not to camp, or at least be very prepared.

Budget accordingly for accommodation.

The destination is remote, and that means that not much lies out near Ayers Rock in the realm of accommodation. What is on offer can be called overpriced, so book ahead if possible to ensure you get the cheapest room.

Remember that transport is limited.

If you have your own transportation, this will not be a problem. However, if you are staying in a local hotel and need to make it to the Ayers Rock site, you will most likely need to join a tour. Also, if planning to rent a car, book it in advance, just to be sure.

When visiting Ayers Rock, be there for the big show.

The main draw for visitors checking out the monolith of Ayers Rock is watching the sun set or rise in its background. This change in light brings about massive changes in colors for the rock itself, and that is part of the beautiful draw for this attraction. Don’t miss it!

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