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Ayers Rock Dining Under the Stars

Ayers Rock Dining Under the Stars

Part of the beauty of a visit to Ayers Rock is the viewing of the glowing red monolith in the changing sunlight. Even as Oprah experienced on her trip to Australia, the majestic beauty of this spiritual landmark is intensified at nightfall.

Because of the glory that a sunset adds to the experience of dining at Ayers Rock, there are also outdoor dining options that allow visitors to take the viewing of the rock to another level.

Sounds of Silence Restaurant

Enjoy a 3 hour outdoor dining event at Ayers Rock with the Sounds of Silence Restaurant. Set in a secluded dining area, outdoors and with a perfect view of Ayers Rock, the experience allows customers the ability to take part in an Australian themed meal as the sun sets. The meal includes such specialties as kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat, and with flavors of lemon myrtle, wattleseed and wild lime.

Didgeridoo music fills the air, and long after the sun sets, the event turns into stargazing (also including a talk on the subject).

Outback Barbecue Dinner and Star Tour

The Ayers Rock Outback Barbecue Dinner and Star Tour is much like the experience provided by the Sounds of Silence Restaurant, but with a more casual feel. Instead of a formal dining event, the dinner is an outback barbecue with such specialties as beef and kangaroo sausages, seasonal salads, and rolls.

After the sun sets, visitors are provided with billy tea as a knowledgeable guide provides a stargazing tour of the southern sky. The entire event goes for around 3.5 hours.

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