Christmas Celebrations in the Bahamas

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Junkanoo Woman

Christmas Junkanoo festivals are colorful, to say the least. Photo courtesy of MissChatter via Flickr.

Just when the snow, sleet, and cloudy days have made you reach your breaking point, you look at the calendar and realize it’s time for vacation. Whew! Where to? The Bahamas, naturally. When it’s cold elsewhere in the world, the Bahamas are clear, warm, and full of sunshine. Christmas in the Bahamas is undoubtedly the best time to visit, and because of this, it’s high-season for tourist time in the Bahamas. Still, the Bahamans know how to have a good time, so trade in the white snow for white sands and let Santa find you among one of the many fun things to do in the Bahamas this Christmas.

Once you’re here, you’re likely to notice little difference in weather since the Bahamas are located in the tropics, but once you step off your plane or boat, you’re sure to still sense Christmas in the air. Junkanoo parades are the big hit of the season, and though they’re more common to the carnival celebration, they do spring up during Christmastime. Look for the unmistakably large crowds, dancing, giant masks, and colorful get-ups – you’ll know you’ve reached the Bahamas.

Food and Drink:

A Bahaman Christmas means food, and plenty of it. Be on the lookout for black cake, imported apples, pepper pot, pickled onions and ham. Drinks include the increasingly popular ginger-beer, sorrel, mauby, and sweet potato fly (a fermented drink that is truly a Bahaman original).

Boxing Day:

This custom comes from the English, and it essentially consists of taking a gift, boxing it up, and giving it to someone in need. This practice is still in effect, and there are typically some Junkanoo parades on this day in honor of the ritual.

-Hudson Hornick


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