Climbing the Queen’s Staircase in Nassau

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The Queen's Staircase in Nassau

The Queen’s Staircase in Nassau

It might seem to be something of an oddity or perhaps a misnomer to say that one of the main tourist attractions in Nassau is a staircase. I mean, after all, aren’t we on vacation to relax? Be that as it may, the truth of the matter is that the number one tourist attraction (unless you count the beach) is indeed a staircase – the Queen’s Staircase in Nassau, to be exact.

So if you’re going to see a staircase on your trip it has to be impressive. So it is fitting, then that this staircase is indeed a royal staircase.

Built around 1794, the limestone staircase is a 102-foot vertical climb with exactly 65 steps – one for each year of Queen Victoria’s rule. Cut entirely by hand out of the side of a mountain, the staircase is a symbol of the hard work achievable by those with the determination to do it (in this case, the local slaves).

Leading to the back of another attraction – Fort Fincastle – the Queen’s Staircase is a serene homage to the efforts of Queen Victoria’s efforts to eliminate that selfsame slavery in the area. While walking up (or down) the staircase, visitors are flanked by beautiful jungle palms, waterfalls, and the limestone rock the area is famous for.

To get to the Queen’s Staircase, head to the Water Tower (easily recognizable as the tallest building in Nassau), and across the street you’ll find Fort Fincastle and behind it, the Queen’s Staircase.

-Hudson Hornick

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