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If exploring underwater reefs with no tourists for miles is your idea of a diving adventure, or if you’d rather have a tour with a certified guide and some new friends along to share the experience, the Bahamas is up there with some of the absolute best diving the world has to offer – not only because it offers safe and memorable opportunities for both the scenarios above, but because the marine life there seems limitless. From spinner dolphins and lionfish to scales with every color of the rainbow, there are no dull moments off these sandy beaches.

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Though you’ll find it hard to visit the Bahamas without stumbling across diving opportunities aplenty, there are some spots that are significantly better than others if you want to maximize your experience beneath the waves. The best islands for diving and snorkeling are New Providence and Paradise Island, which are near the Booby Rock Channel, the Lost Ocean Hole, and the Gambier Deep Reef (strong swimmers can make it out there from Cable Beach); North and South Bimini, with sea gardens, shipwrecks, and a 2000-foot underwater mountain; Eleuthera, which also has underwater shipwrecks but, more importantly, the Current Cut – a narrow channel with a current that will carry you on its own tour for ten minutes; and Andros, which has one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, the Barge Wreck, and numerous blue holes.

Interested in diving but don’t know where to start? Check out Viator’s Resort Diving Course in Nassau. Don’t forget the golden rules of diving: plan your dive ahead of time, check your equipment, and ALWAYS go with a buddy!

- Natalie Grant

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