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Depending on where it is you want to go there are several ways to get around beautiful Bali. For those looking to go the short-distance, from one place to another in Legian, walking is the most exhilarating and enjoyable way around, but understandably, not everybody wants to have to walk back and forth from Seminyak to Kuta Beach.

In fact, the quickest solution to how to get around in Bali is with a ‘bemo,’ or simply said, a taxi. With cabs swarming the main parts of town, hailing one for a ride is basically effortless, but one must take precaution—only get into a cabs that are metered. More often than not, you will encounter a scamster who doesn’t mind charging you an extra few dollars for the privilege of a short ride around town. If the cab has a meter, you are good to go.

Kuta Beach photo couresy of っ on Wikimedia

Kuta Beach photo couresy of っ on Wikimedia

Bemos may also wind up being your best option when you are traveling longer distances to places like Ubud, just make sure to bring your negotiating skills to the table as drivers may try and ask for more than you were planning on spending.

The other way around is simply to rent a bicycle. Costing no more than $2 per day, renting a bike can take a casual ride through Bali’s scenic countryside, filled with traditional homes and rice plateaus, to a whole other level.

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If that seems like too much legwork for you, travelers accustomed to Asia’s bike culture know the value of a good motorbike. Because the roads in Bali are a bit narrow it can be a bit too adventurous for some, but nothing beats the thrill of taking a motorized bike out of the city for a little spin.

There are also other ways to move longer distances as many tour packages include transportation. You can also stop off at any one of Legian’s tour agents, where you can book a ticket to take one of many mini-buses that go between popular destinations.

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