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One of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets for market shopping in Denpasar. Though many guide books recommend venturing away from Bali’s capital city, its markets provide opportunities for interacting with the Balinese people, purchasing local wares, and sampling local specialties. Being the multicultural city that it is, you are sure to engage with other international visitors as well as you take in the sights.

If you are in the mood for going to markets, your first stop should be Jalan Gajah Mada. In addition to the many shops selling locally-made fabrics, particularly silk, and other wares, Jalan Gajah Mada is home to the Badung Central Market.

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Shopping in Denpasar: Badung Central Market

Shopping in Denpasar: Badung Central Market. Photo courtesy of Zenubud via Flickr.

Consisting of three floors, the ground level is filled with fresh food. The second floor is perhaps the best place for procuring dried spices in the city, and the third floor is occupied by handmade gifts and other items. Considered a traditional Balinese market, Badung Central is the center of local economy, and is open daily. Though it is open as late as 5pm, it is best visited in the mornings.

When Badung Central closes up, be sure not to miss the Kereneng Night Market, which opens at sunset and stays open until dawn. While there are plenty of opportunities for souvenir and gift shopping, the real attraction is the rows upon rows of food stalls. In addition to the multitude of traditional Indonesian dishes, visitors to the Kereneng Market can sample many other international foods as well.

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