Visiting Bang Krajao Park: Bangkok’s Green Lung

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Bangkok as a sprawling and busy metropolis is jam-packed with culture and sights to see, but it is not so well-known to people that there is a spacious place to spend some time relaxing in a natural environment—Bang Krajao Park is that place.

A beautiful patch of jungle located on an island very close to Bangkok’s busy downtown, Bang Krajao Park is a place commonly used in bike and walking tours as it is paved with lovely walkways and places to have a relaxing sit. It also happens to be full of lots of exotic bird life and fauna as well as soothing canals and even tropical trees baring bananas, coconuts and mangoes.

Bang Krajao Park by kainet via Flickr

Bang Krajao Park by kainet via Flickr

What is perhaps most impressive about this natural landscape is that aside from a few walkways and vendors, the area is incredibly well-preserved, with just a couple of permanent guesthouses allowed there. At certain portions of the walk, you will notice how the jungle overwhelms the path, virtually covering up all natural sunlight.

In order to get to Bang Krajao Park, one must board a long-tail boat from a municipal pier next to the much larger Klong Toey port. The price of the fare is quite cheap, at about $1, and the ride takes a few short minutes.  Once there, there are a few small vendors situated along the path who can sell you drinks, snacks and whatever else you might need for a jungle trek. It’s a worthwhile excursion when you are visiting and looking for the best free things to do in Bangkok.

- John Reality

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