Bangkok: Bikes, Boats and Tuk Tuks

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Bike Tours in Bangkok

Bike Tours in Bangkok

Transportation in the bustling capital of Thailand is serious business. As a tourist, particularly if you’re on a budget, your options can be limited. Luckily, some of the cheapest and most affordable means of making your way around Bangkok are also the most popular and widely available. The following three methods come highly recommended.

1). Tuk tuks

Auto rickshaws, or “tuk tuks,” can be cramped (and a little jarring for the uninitiated), but for travelers looking to cover lots of ground in the shortest amount of time possible and at a reasonable price (note: be sure to negotiate a price prior to your trip, as most tuk tuks don’t have meters), these small vehicles are indispensable. For experienced travelers and locals, there is a sort of inverse logic involved in deciding on a trip in a tuk tuk: the more congestion there is at any given time in the city, the more advisable this peculiar variant on the common taxi can be.

2). Bicycles

Numerous establishments along Khoa San Road offer Velo Tout Terrain (the French term for a mountain bike) bikes for rental and sale. Prices vary, depending on the duration of your stay and the quality of the equipment, but daily rental rates shouldn’t cost you more than $10 a day. Several tour groups offer guided bike tours in Bangkok, which, apart from being affordable and enjoyable, are also a great way to acclimate to the particular challenges of commuting in Bangkok.

3). Boats

The so-called “Venice of the East” is no longer the nautical wonder it was when most commercial transportation was provided by boat, but the various canal tours available in different parts of the city remain a delightful way to tour some of the better museums and cultural institutions located along the canals.

- John Reality

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