Celebrating the New Year in Bangkok

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Celebrating New Year's Eve at Central World, Bangkok - photo courtesy of Honou via Flickr

Celebrating New Year's Eve at Central World, Bangkok - photo courtesy of Honou via Flickr

After all the flood problems of previous months around Bangkok, the Thai people prefer to leave the bad memory behind and look forward to the New Year with a smile. The Bangkok Countdown Ha Ha Ha 2012 is so named because on the Buddhist calendar, next year will be 2555 and 5 is pronounced in Thai as Ha (as in noise you make when you laugh), so this should give you the feel for the expected mood of 2012.

At this time of year, Thai people start to talk about where should we go to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and the Ratchaprasong area is one top choice. Why? Because it is situated right in the mega-mall shopping area (Paragon, Gaysorn Plaza, Siam Discovery, Central Word and more). Each of these shopping malls invests a lot of time and money to decorating their centers with millions of fairy light and festive displays, each one having their own theme.

When you tire of walking (or shopping), sit down outside and enjoy the atmosphere in the beer gardens that will be set up everywhere. You can find all your favourite Thai beers here, Singha or Chang, plus don’t forget to try some of the Thai local food as well.

Enjoy the food in your mouth, beer in your hand, all the lights in your eyes and the music in your ears and wait for the moment to come. Count the time down with other people and then… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

- Natt Opasanon

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  1. Natt Opasanon Says:

    It was a very enjoyable long weekend this year!


  2. Sara Says:

    Hope the Thai citizens celebrated their new year with full swing!


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