Chinese New Year in Bangkok

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Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Bangkok - photo by Gerry Popplestone via Flickr

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Bangkok – photo by Gerry Popplestone via Flickr

The 2012 New Year’s celebration is over. But for 1.4 billion Chinese in China, they are just starting the process of preparing for the Chinese New Year. Knowing how the Chinese celebrate New Year, you can bet that it’s going to be awesome.

Festivities are not just in China since there are huge Chinese populations all over the world, including Thailand. In fact, Thailand is known for having the biggest and oldest Chinese community outside of China. This community is so prominent that their culture is already ingrained in Thai culture.  After all, the Chinese have already established a presence that spans four centuries.

This gave birth to a huge number of Thai-Chinese in Thailand, with a lot of them centered in Bangkok.  So if ever you’re looking for a massive celebration, you can try the Chinese New Year in Bangkok.

Bangkok’s Chinatown is in Yaowarat, and on January 23, you can bet that all roads will lead to it.  What can you expect?  Well, you can expect several gatherings of Chinese families as they join the festivities happening in the entire Chinatown. There are worshipers all over the street as they join merrymakers as they watch the world-renowned dragon dancers and other shows. Of course, a Chinese New Year wouldn’t be complete without loud and merry firecrackers.  You are expected to enjoy these festivities while enjoying lavish feasts in the Chinese markets of Bangkok.

The Thai-Chinese also don’t scrimp on decorations. You can see their homes decorated with red paper lanterns, posters and banners.  The street also turns into a sea of red as it’s adorned with the same decorations. The Chinese New Year in Bangkok is truly exhilarating for all the senses.

Now, it’s important to note that the Chinese New Year is not considered as a legal holiday in Thailand. But that doesn’t stop countless of Thai-Chinese from taking a day off from work so they can start celebrating early.  So make sure to set aside the whole day and night and head over to Yaowarat to join the festivities.

- Natt Opasanon

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  1. Natt Opasanon Says:

    It is a truly magical on Chinese New Years down in Chinatown, Bangkok.


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