Top 3 Kid-Friendly Attractions in Bangkok

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Tiger at the Dusit Zoo. Photo courtesy of Allie_Caulfield via Flickr.

Tiger at the Dusit Zoo. Photo courtesy of Allie_Caulfield via Flickr.

Backpackers and excitement seekers aren’t the only people who travel to Bangkok. Indeed, a considerable percentage of tourists who come to Thailand’s capital city are blessed with children. The good news for them is that Bangkok is teeming with family friendly destinations. The following are three of the best.

1. Dusit Zoo

When it comes to kids, a zoo is always a good standby. Established in the late 1930s, Dusit Zoo (known locally as Khao Din) is Thailand’s oldest and best zoo. Sprawling across 46 acres, the zoo is home to more than 300 mammals, 170 reptiles, and close to a thousand birds. The best way to take it all in is to get your hands on a map, board the zoo’s mini train for a 20-minute tour of the grounds, and devise an organized plan of attack.

2. Crocodile Farm

For a zoo-like experience that is a little more exotic, visit the brainchild of the so-called “Crocodile King,” located roughly 30 minutes from central Bangkok. The crocodile farm at Samutprakan is reputedly the world’s largest and there are no shortages of spectacles to astonish the little ones. There is crocodile wrestling and elephant shows, as well as an abundance of gibbons, lions and snakes. Also worth checking out is the accompanying museum that houses life-size dinosaur models and skeletons.

3. Fantasia Lagoon

If it’s an inducement to entice your kids into suffering through a little bit of retail therapy you’re after, this extraordinary water/theme park is just the thing. Situated on top of a massive indoor shopping complex, Fantasia Lagoon and Fantasia Island offer exhilarating slides, rides, whirlpools and a place for parents to relax in air-conditioned comfort.

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  1. Sara Says:

    If I am not wrong, the Dusit Zoo and the Crocodile farm is on the way to Pataya from Bangkok. I had a wonderful experience and its really worth a visit. I was told that the crocodile meat (cooked) was available for around 50 baths in the crocodile farm.. but I never though of tasting it..

    The article is very informative, thank you.


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