Golden Resources Mall in Beijing

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Golden Resources Mall, Beijing - photo courtesy of Star5112 via Flickr

Golden Resources Mall, Beijing - photo courtesy of Star5112 via Flickr

The second largest mall in all of Asia, at the Golden Resources Mall you can buy almost anything from cars to tables to diapers. As a consumer mall, it has less of the cultural allure of some of Asia’s more primitive bargaining malls, but none-the-less, covering more than 6 million square feet (557,000 sq m), more than a 1,000 stores and with more than 200 escalators taking customers up and down and all around, this place exemplifies China’s fast-paced and hugely populated culture.

Located near Fourth Ring Road in Beijing , the urban cultural landmark is a bit far from the radar of most foreign visitors who prefer to stick to areas more central in the city. However, if you do decide to take a trip out here, you will get a taste of sheer enormity, and entertainment with ten full-on recreational centers including a skating rink.

Hours of operation at the mall go from 10am-9pm, Monday through Thursday, and 10am-10pm Friday through Sunday. If you happen to be renting a car in Beijing on your trip, you will have more than 10,000 parking spaces (free of charge) to choose from on each of the floors at the mall!

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