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Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Vivie Pan has been a licensed English tour guide in Beijing since 2006. With her great knowledge of top scenic spots in the city, and with her attention to schedule and time management, Vivie’s private guide service for Beijing provides professional and informative tours for tourists to places like the Great Wall of China or the Summer Palace.  As part of Vivie’s services, she has a brand new car with up to 4 seats available, meaning she is able to work as a driver as well – perhaps on a shopping trip, which is also one of her specialties.

We got in touch with Vivie to find out more about her insights to Beijing:

1. I think the Temple of Heaven is a place that surprises most of the visitors. When we go there in the morning, you see a lot of the local people doing Taichi, dancing, singing or a variety of morning exercises. It’s a very interesting place to go to understand the local people’s life; it’s different from any other scenic spot.

2. To better understand Chinese culture… choosing a reliable tour guide is very important.  You will save time, money and energy.  And, you will find your trip is more memorable because of your guide.

3. If a visitor to Beijing could only eat one thing… Peking Duck.  It’s better to go to the professional peking duck restaurants. You can find Peking Duck in Beijing easily, but the taste is totally different.

4. For shopping, I recommend most often to visitors… the Pearl Market and the Silk Market.  They are the markets for tourists mostly.  You can find everything you want to buy in Beijing like clothes, shoes, bags, purses and souvenirs.  The only problem is that you must be good at bargaining.

5. My favorite park in Beijing is Beihai Park I go to Beihai often with my little son when I’m free.  He likes boating there and I like to walk around the park to enjoy the lake and the beautiful lotus flowers.  I’m not sure of my favorite spot in Beijing, but line dancing is very popular in the parks or public squares.

6. My best tip for having a better experience and seeing more in China is to have a reasonable arrangement of the itinerary.  Schedule is very important for the trip; you will see more and save time if you are familiar with the location of the major scenic spots.

7. If a visitor only had one day in Beijing, they should see the Great Wall.  In one day, you can still go to the Great Wall and one more scenic spot, like the Forbidden City.  The schedule is not tight at all.

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- Contributed by Vivie Pan, Beijing tour guide

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