Learning About East Berlin Life at the DDR Museum

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DDR Museum in Berlin. Photo courtesy of lukask via Flickr.

DDR Museum in Berlin. Photo courtesy of lukask via Flickr.

Berlin’s history has played a major role in shaping the city today, and one of the best places to learn more about one period of that history is at the DDR Museum, which details what life was like for East Berliners living under Soviet rule in the GDR.

The DDR is a private museum located on the River Spree in the center of Berlin. It opened in 2006 and in 2008 was nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award. Though it’s not the most popular museum in Berlin, it’s one of the best, and helps bring to life an important part of the city’s history – a part that many visitors don’t know much about.

What makes the DDR Museum so fascinating is that it concentrates on daily life in the GDR – what people wore, what they ate, what they studied, their jobs and their homes. There are exhibits that focus on how children were educated (and how the GDR influenced every aspect of their education) and what types of games they played, displays that show what a typical home looked like and interactive exhibits that let you take control of a GDR factory, listen to an interrogation, or take a simulated ride in the Trabi, the most iconic relic of East Berlin.

Admission is six euros and is discounted with the Berlin Welcome Card. The museum is open until 8pm every day except Saturday, when it is open until 10pm.

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- Katie Hammel

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