Exploring the Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts

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boston common

Boston Common. Photo courtesy of ilovemypit.

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Common offers a mix of history and nature. Founded in 1634, it is the oldest public park in the United States as well as the starting of the iconic Freedom Trail. This makes sense, as the attraction has played many roles in its lifetime, like being a campground during the Revolutionary War for British troops, the celebration site for George Washington, John Adams and General Lafayette when the country received independence and a place where Martin Luther King, Jr. rallied for civil rights. Walking around, you’ll pass many memorials and monuments like the Boston Massacre Monument, the Great Elm Site, and the Robert Gould Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial. Additionally, there have been discoveries of prehistoric sites, leading researchers to believe Native Americans inhabited the area as far back as 8,500 years ago.

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Encompassing 50 acres, the park is also a place where nature lovers can come to spend time immersed in beautiful scenery. Serving as an anchor to a system of connected city parks called the Emerald Necklace, Boston Common provides a serene escape for an afternoon with grassy plots of land, gardens, artists busily creating and musicians providing live entertainment. Scheduled programming is offered, as well, with the Frog Pond ice skating rink in the winter and classic productions by Shakespeare in the summer.

It may seem odd, but the Central Burying Ground also resides in Boston Common. While not usual to find in a public park, it’s just another reminder of the historical significance of the attraction, as the plots create a home for fallen Tories and Patriots. Boston Common is also very close to the Public Garden, which offers worthwhile attractions like a suspension bridge over a lagoon and ornate swan boats.

For those on a budget, this park is free to enjoy. If you would like to continue on to explore the 16 historical sites of the Freedom Trail, stop by the Visitor’s Information Center to pick up a map.

-Jessica Festa

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