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Wine Cellar in Boston

Try a variety of fondue at the Wine Cellar in Boston. Photo courtesy of The Wine Cellar Fondue Facebook page.

OpenTable called it “the most romantic restaurant in Boston.” When you go to The Wine Cellar, be careful not to get too bogged down with the wine list (you have hundreds to choose from), otherwise you might not get around to ordering the meal – and that would be a shame.

It ticks off the Frenchie populars like foie gras, escargots, and French onion soup, but adds fixed-price meals with things like poached pear with roasted walnuts, filet mignon with red wine bordelaise sauce, lobster ravioli, and rosemary-marinated eggplant.

The best part about The Wine Cellar? It has more fondues than you can shake a long-stemmed fork at.

Gruyere and Emmentale cheeses, white wine, roasted garlic, artichoke hearts, brandy, sweet onions, cubed ham, Gorgonzola, cilantro, parsley and basil, teriyaki pork loin, lime dill, marinated lamb and mushrooms… all things you’ll find on the fondue menu, which offers three different cooking styles: Latin, French, or traditional.

Oh yes, and you can’t miss the “Crazy French” Fondue – marinated kangaroo, ostrich filet, and rabbit loin, served with potatoes and oil dip!

You’ll probably want to make a reservation if you’re planning on a romantic dinner. If you can squeeze a visit in to Restaurant Week or during some other promotional time, fixed-price menus change in your favor. The Wine Cellar is walking distance from Copley Square. Or, should we say, Copley Square is walking distance from The Wine Cellar – nothing like a good stroll and some people-watching to burn off all that yummy cheese!

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