Relive the Boston Tea Party

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Boston Tea Party Museum

Boston Tea Party Museum. Photo credit: Kristina Hoeppner via Flickr.

What’s Boston known for? Well, undoubtedly a lot of things—too many to name, actually, but there’s a part of us all, equally undoubtedly, that remembers our history books well enough to recall the tale of the Boston Tea Party. Perhaps it strikes some child-like cord in us, but for some reason the act of defiance that was the Boston Tea Party just seemed so, well, fun. (Maybe it’s because it’s called a party?)

So if this is you, if the idea of re-enacting one of the pivotal moments in this nation’s founding by dressing up like a bunch of Indians and ransacking a ship and chucking things overboard all in the name of freedom from tyranny sound like a good time to you (and honestly, I can’t see how it couldn’t), then the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is where you want to be. The ships and museum will give you an in-depth look into the events leading up to December 16th, 1773, and tell all about this day’s fateful role in precipitating the American Revolution.

During a tour of the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum you’ll see where cutting edge technological exhibits meet historical artifacts. You’ll have a holographic Tea Party encounter and then move on to see the two remaining tea chests from the Tea Party itself. You’ll walk the planks of The Beaver and The Eleanor, two ships docked in the harbor that fateful night before heading to Griffin’s Wharf to take pictures with colonial cut-outs and mingled with costumed patriots. Also, in the Minuteman Theatre, you can watch the American Revolution unfold right before your eyes!


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