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Lake McKenzie Beach on Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie Beach on Fraser Island

A sand bank turned island, Fraser Island makes its mark as a top adventure and nature travel destination in Australia. Its unique ecosystem – wildlife, plant life and general composition – has won it a listing as a World Heritage site, and its complete lack of infrastructure, bar a couple of small roads, packs the adventure punch. Combined with a beautiful climate given its location off the coast of Hervey Bay in Queensland, tourists travel far and wide to lounge on the white sand beaches of natural wonders like Lake McKenzie.

Less than 400 people call Fraser Island home, and the majority of those people work in tourism in one mode or another. To get around, a person needs to join a tour group or hire a 4WD vehicle to battle the sand dunes and pot-hole laden sand roads that run between the rainforest. Even more interesting is the fact that the rainforest grows in the sand, some of which is said to reach depths of 1,969 feet (600 meters)!

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Fraser Island Activities

Island sites and activities include viewing unique wildlife (like the dingo), climbing sand dunes, camping, hiking and relaxing on the shores of over 100 lakes. Because of the sand content of the island, the water that collects in these lakes is crystal clear as all the salt and impurities have been naturally filtered. Lake McKenzie is especially popular with travelers because of these waters on top of its white sand beach.

Hiking and climbing sand dunes provide the active traveler with plenty to do on Fraser. The starting points for many walking trails are found at Central Station, some of which will lead to the popular lakes. The traveler looking for more photographically significant walks might enjoy going around the Pinnacles – a section of colorful winded rock monuments.

Camping, while one of the most popular forms of accommodation on the island, comes with a risk. Dingoes, or wild dogs, roam the island freely, and their cute looks are only topped by a wild ferocity known to break out from time to time. Keep your wits about you and practice safe camping tactics in order to minimize any risk.

In addition to these activities, being an island means there are miles and miles of coastline and beach – perfect for picnics, lounging, sunbathing, swimming and fishing.

Getting to Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located a short distance from Hervey Bay in southern Queensland. The main hub for a trip to Fraser is via Hervey Bay, but many tour companies offer the option of starting from Brisbane (195 miles away) or other nearby cities. You must operate a 4WD vehicle to make it to the island, and the help of a ferry can get you and your vehicle across the water.

- Brooke Schoenman

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