How to Get Around Brisbane

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Travel in Brisbane

Travel in Brisbane

Like most major cities around the world, Brisbane‘s public transportation system includes trains, taxis, rentals cars and buses. Since it also lies on the Brisbane River, the city offers other unique modes of public transport like the CityCat Ferries and the river taxis.

Getting to and from the airport

Brisbane’s airport is easily accessible by riding on the Airtrain, connecting travelers to both Brisbane City and the Gold Coast in a quick and efficient manner.  A single ride from the airport to downtown Brisbane takes just 20 minutes, which is often faster than dealing with peak driving traffic.

Getting around Brisbane City

Brisbane’s public transport network, known as TransLink, includes buses, trains and ferries.  The best way to take advantage of the network on your travels is to purchase a Go Card, not only for the ease of use (touch on and touch off fare tracking), but also because it is 30% cheaper than paper tickets.

Free bus services are available in the City Loop and the Spring Hill Loop, going in both directions.  The City Loop connects the Queen Street Mall, the Botanic Gardens, Central Station and Eagle Street Pier.

Twenty-four water taxis – 19 CityCats and 9 CityFerries – provide not only public transport, but also sightseeing opportunities for visitors to Brisbane.  Travel on these water taxis between St Lucia to Hamilton.  Traveling on CityCats gives you Wi-Fi access for the entire journey, which means you can tweet about your Brisbane adventures in the process.

CityCycle bike hire stations are located across the city at 104 key points that link up other parts of the TransLink network.  The first 30 minutes of any journey are free, so if connecting up with other bike points every half hour, you could potentially ride for free for the entire day.

For most other travel needs, taxis and rental cars are plentiful in Brisbane.

- Brooke Schoenman

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