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Brisbane’s Story Bridge Climb

The original builders of the Story Bridge in Brisbane probably never had the idea in 1940 that it would one day become a top adventure activity source. Now, the Story Bridge allows adventure seekers the ability to gain panoramic views of Brisbane while also getting that adrenaline pumping. The Story Bridge Climb offers two thrilling options: the Bridge Climb and the Abseil Climb.

Story Bridge stretches for 2,549 feet, across the Brisbane River, and reaches a height at its summit of 243 feet. It opened for climbs back in 2005 and has since become a major tourist attraction for anyone that visits Brisbane – especially those that missed their bridge climb chance while down in Sydney.

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The Bridge Climb

The entire Story Bridge Climb experience lasts around 2.5 hours, including the orientation and safety demonstration. All climbers will suit up in the standard climb suit and harness and set off for an adventurous walk across the bridge. A normal route takes climbers to one side of the bridge’s summit before continuing on, crossing to the other side and doing the same on the way back – all the while catching panoramic views that include the Glasshouse Mountains, Moreton Bay, and even Lamington National Park.

The Abseil Climb

The Abseil Climb encompasses the traditional Bridge Climb, but once the climber reaches road-level on the journey back, they end the adventure with a 98 foot (30m) abseil down from Anchor Pier into Captain Burke Park. This option literally takes the adventure to the next level.

Both options now run almost every day of the year. The only times that the Story Bridge Climb is closed are on Christmas Day and during the Riverfire Festival. All participants get a certificate of achievement in order to prove to friends and family just how brave they were in the Queensland capital of Brisbane.

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