Wine Tasting in and Around Budapest

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Wine tasting in Budapest

Wine tasting in Budapest

There aren’t any noteworthy vineyards in Budapest, but there are plenty of opportunities to sample domestic and foreign wines at a number fantastic locations. The following are a few of the best.

La Boutique des Vins. To sample some of the very finest varietals produced in the Villány wine region, look no further than this excellent show room owned by the famous Malatinszky Kúria group.

Vino Castillo. Billing itself as “Hungary’s first wine store”, this fine establishment serves more than a thousand Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, and French wines. Plan on a lengthy stay.

Első Pesti Borház. This tasting room/museum is home to more than 10,000 vintage Hungarian wines. You can choose from as many as 200 different labels. Advance booking is required.

Faust Wine Cellar. Easily the equal of other European subterranean wonders (in Paris, Moscow, London, etc.), the labyrinth system beneath Castle Hill originated as calcareous tufa caves resulting from hot water springs more than 350,000 years ago. Since that time, the complex (the natural properties of which have been considerably improved by man over the years) has served many purposes, most notable among these being defensive bunkers, and more happily, wine storage. Much of the system is off limits, and there aren’t any royal caches of vino to plunder, but The Faust Wine Cellar offers a wide selection of Hungarian wines from the country’s best wine growing regions. No wine tour of Budapest is complete without a visit to this gem.

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