How to Travel in Cairns on the Cheap

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Rent a camper in Cairns and make your own itinerary! - photo courtesy of Andrew via Flickr

As most experienced travelers will tell you, running around Australia is expensive. With the ever-growing value of the Australian dollar and an expanding economy, moderate fiscal spending here during your well-deserved vacation isn’t what it used to be, but just because you have to cut corners doesn’t mean you still can’t have a blast. Here are a few things to do in Cairns on the cheap.

Hire a Camper

Perhaps not so cheap by yourself, but with a group you will save some serious coin. Hiring a van and going around to all the camping sites lets you stay in some quite nice accommodations without the high costs of staying at a hotel. Lots of these sites have lush bathrooms, free wi-fi and sometimes even offer free bbq at dinnertime. Oh, and most often then not, your neighbor is the beach!

Art Galleries

Art galleries in Cairns are typically free of charge. Why? Well, the idea is that you may want to buy something, but it’s art, so there is no pressure. Ask around, and you will find everything from post-modern selections to borderline antiquities on display.

Scope the local bands

Much like the concept of free galleries, musicians are always looking for new fans. If you enjoy doing a little pub-crawling, there is no reason not to check out the local music scene, which free to patrons, assuming you’ll at least have a drink.

The Great Barrier Reef

Obviously. You can’t not see this, and going straight on actually is not so cheap, but if you’re willing to put in a little legwork, you may find yourself on free boat ride touring one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Opt to be a host on one of the such cruises giving you free-entry for a little work, or better yet head into the backpacker towns and play one of several free-entry games and activities that get you on the boat free of charge.

- John Reality

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