The Best Time of Year to Visit the Canary Islands

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Sunshine abounds year round in the Canary Islands

Sunshine abounds year round in the Canary Islands

With optimal weather conditions pretty much year round, there’s really no wrong time of year to visit Spain’s Canary Islands. But, if you play your travel cards right, there can a best time of year to visit the Canary Islands. Let’s take a trip through the seasons.

Not surprisingly, a visit to the Canaries during the summer will ensure warmer temperatures and a lesser chance of inclement weather. That said, you might also come across northeasterly trade winds that can swirl your beach plans into a sandy mess. And considering that summer is a travel high season, you won’t just find nice weather and possible wind, but also lots of tourists.

Apart from the week of Easter, spring can be a relatively tourist-free time of year to visit the islands. Weather will be predictably pleasant, and with fewer visitors, deals on flights and lodging might be pretty nice too. Then, if you wish to experience a little local culture via food and dance, you can join in the Día de Canarias festivities. On May 30th the islands celebrate the anniversary of becoming an autonomous Spanish community (which took place not so long ago, in 1983).

When it comes to winter, the jury is split. This time of year can also see an abundance of tourists trying to escape chilly European temperatures, but, at the same time, starting in January rain tapers off and so does the flow of visitors. If you stick around for February, you can even witness the islands’ biggest celebration – Carnival – which includes all the costume-and-party pomp and circumstance that you might expect in places like Brazil. Tenerife’s Santa Cruz is the place to be if you want to check out the festivities at their finest.

There’s perhaps no better time of year to visit the Canaries than in early autumn, though. Not only is it a tourism low season – which means deals abound – but the weather is pleasant and the water is warm after a summer of sunshine.

Indeed, while temperatures and travelers may fluctuate slightly throughout the year, there’s truly no time that is a bad time to visit this Spanish archipelago of islands off the coast of West Africa.

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