Cozumel Island

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The Cozumel waterfront. Photo courtesy of roger4336 via Flickr.

The Cozumel waterfront. Photo courtesy of roger4336 via Flickr.

Cancun is the hub and Cozumel Island is the glittering pearl lying next to it in the sea. Just opposite Playa del Carmen in the Yucatan Channel, this little island is famous for its teal blue waters, its seaside resorts, and its great scuba-diving and snorkeling. Perfect for a lover’s retreat or simply golfing with the friends, Cozumel attracts thousands every year.

So all this daytime activity, does that make Cozumel island a sleeper at night? Far from it. These resorts pride themselves on providing their guests with a full accompaniment of activities. If, somehow, the multitude of resorts don’t have the activity you’re looking for, wander down the beach to town and find a host of bars, rum shacks, cafes and cigar bars to take pleasure in.

How about taking a Cozumel ATV ride and snorkel combo? Ever been on a Mini-SUB Dive Tour from Cozumel? Cozumel makes the best of its environment by having fun across a range of activities. Don’t think that just because you’ve been snorkeling once you’ve seen it all. From Manta rays to great brain corals the size of a Honda, there’s more diving, riding, jumping, throwing, and all around merrymaking to be had in Cozumel than you can fit in. Hence, plan accordingly, bring the camera, and get out there and explore!

-Hudson Hornick

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