Aruba’s Ostrich Farm

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Learn about the ostrich at Aruba's Ostrich Farm - photo courtesy of Sergey Yeliseev via Flickr

Who knew ostriches lived on Aruba?

Ostriches, though flightless, are the fastest bipedal runner in the world (sometimes reaching speeds up to 45 miles per hour). They also provide the strongest commercially available leather. They don’t bury their heads in the sand when avoiding predators, as is commonly thought, but they do have the largest eyes of any land animal. Their eyes are actually larger than their brains!

You can visit them on the Aruba Ostrich Farm, which houses around eighty ostriches and emus. Tours guide you around the farm and teach visitors about their unique survival instincts and behavior.

Afterward, you can dine African-style in the Savanna Lodge Bar & Restaurant – where you can eat ostrich meat (that is, if your conscience doesn’t get the best of you, after playing with the little guys all afternoon). You can try an ostrich sashimi, ostrich omelette, or ostrich burger, as well as vegetarian meals and salads. If munching on ostrich isn’t your thing, you can simply enjoy a beer or juice with a stellar view of the coast.

There’s also an African Art Boutique with trinkets from Zimbabwe and Curacao, like hand-painted ostrich eggs, bowls, and tapestries.

Guided tours run every half hour and take you to the incubator, hatchery, and pens, with an opportunity to hand-feed the ostriches. Entry is $12/$6 for adults/children. Remember, going on holiday is no time to stick your head in the sand!

- Natalie Grant

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