Christmas in the Caribbean

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Christmas! Photo courtesy of Joe Buckingham via Flickr.

Christmas! Photo courtesy of Joe Buckingham via Flickr.

Found yourself floating in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean this Christmas? Wondering what exciting, notable, and festive things there are to do there? You’re in luck. The Caribbean blends a great mix of tropical island tradition and conventional western orthodox holiday meaning to make the Christmas in the Caribbean both a new and time-honored event.

Christmas in the Caribbean is a festive time like many places in the world. Some particular island traditions make it interesting and notable for an Anglophile, however. The English tradition of Boxing Day, for example, is honored throughout the English-speaking Caribbean, and come December 26th, participants will wrap up one of their gifts and give it to the poor and in-need. Another unique Christmas celebration is the Bahaman celebration of Junkanoo. Junkanoo is a fun celebration of costumes singing and dancing where parades march through the street and everyone yells “Junkanoo! Junkanoo! Junkanoo!” It is understandably a happy time.

Perhaps a progenitor of the Bahaman Junkanoo celebration is the idea of a masquerade ball and carnival event which you’ll find spread widely throughout Christmas in the Caribbean. The Turks and Caicos Islands are a big celebrator of these masquerade parades and many resorts on the islands feature these types of Masquerade balls throughout Christmastime.

The food you’ll find during Christmastime in the Caribbean varies from island to island, but be sure that you’ll see a lot of pork and goat being eaten. Try it. The Caribbean is known for some of its great eating, especially Nassau, with its historical Nassau walking tour.

-Hudson Hornick


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