Snorkeling in Antigua

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Snorkeling in Antigua

Snorkeling in Antigua

Antigua is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean for snorkeling. The calm, clear waters off the coast of Antigua showcase an extensive coral reef habitat that’s home to a wide variety of tropical fish and exotic marine life. Here’s where to find the best snorkeling on Antigua.

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1) Paradise Reef

Extending for roughly one mile (1.5 km), Paradise Reef is one of the top destinations for snorkeling on Antigua. Paradise Reef is located north of Dickenson Bay and is only accessible by boat. At Paradise Reef you’ll find extensive coral gardens and colorful tropical fish.

2) Cades Reef

With more than two miles (3 km) of reef formation and soft corals, Cades Reef is among the best spots for snorkeling on Antigua. Cades Reef is located off the southwestern coast of the island within the boundaries of the Cades Bay Marine Reserve.

3) Bird Island

The sheltered bay off the coast of Great Bird Island in North Sound National Park is home to a series of shallow reefs located just offshore. The calm waters at Great Bird Island make it an excellent and family-friendly destination for snorkeling in Antigua.

4) Half Moon Bay

Located east of English Harbour, Half Moon Bay offers some of the best beaches and snorkeling on Antigua. The reef at Half Moon Bay extends for about one mile (1.5 km) along the southeastern coast of the island and is separated from the mainland by a sheltered lagoon.

5) Long Bay and Pineapple Beach

The Caribbean waters off the eastern coast of Antigua at Long Bay and Pineapple Beach are clear, shallow and ideal for snorkeling. The coral reefs begin just a short distance from the shore and drop off into deeper water as you get further from the coast.

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