The New Mount Obama

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Mount Obama

The renamed Mount Obama over picture-perfect English Harbor in Antigua

Boggy Peak used to be the name of a 1,300-foot hill for hikers and mango farmers in the Caribbean. On President Obama’s 48th birthday (2009), the peak was renamed “Mount Obama” to honor his achievement in becoming the first Black President of the U.S.

Visitors to Antigua and Barbuda can have a lovely hike and get lost in the Macaw Palm Trees, Milk Trees, and Maiden Ferns (ah yes, and the Mount Obama White Lonchocarpus) in what is now known as Mount Obama National Park.

The Shekerley Mountains are located on the Southwest corner of Antigua, and the peak is the highest point on the entire island. In the 17th century and for a time thereafter, slaves often used the secluded – and scenic – spot as a hideout. According to Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer, this is one of the reasons why this particular mountain was renamed: to salute Obama’s election victory as a hugely significant moment in the history of the African-American and Afro-Caribbean struggle.

The plaque reads: “Mount Obama, named in honor of the historical election on Nov. 4, 2008, of Barack Hussein Obama, the first black President of the United States of America, as a symbol of excellence, triumph, hope and dignity for all people.”

The Caribbean Sea is a pretty good reward as far as views go; the island of Montserrat can also be seen in the distance. The hills over which you’re actually hiking are pretty stunning too – bright green, leafy, and rolling are understatements.

Visit the Mount Obama web site for pics, plants, and info on how to find your way in and out. And if you need something to sing/shout from the peak, why not go for the Obama song?

- Natalie Grant

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