Patagon Journal, A New Bilingual Magazine Covering the Chilean Patagonia

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Chile's Patagonia offers much for each traveler

International tourism to Chile’s spectacular slice of Patagonia is on the rise, and there’s a brand-new bilingual magazine covering the region. It’s operated by respected travel writer and journalist Jimmy Langman, who has written for dozens of established publications, including Newsweek, National Geographic, the Miami Herald, and The Nation.

The long-time resident of Puerto Varas, gateway to the wild and glacial scenery of Patagonia, has named his new quarterly the Patagon Journal. (Not to be confused with the Patagonia Journal, dedicated to fishing and hunting “at the end of the world,” though those folks do offer a great rundown of some gorgeous Argentine and Chilean lodges).

The journal offers a true insider’s look at everything from Patagonia’s luxury hotels and mountaintop teahouses, to fly fishing and local cuisine, including the “Five Iconic Tastes of Patagonia.” There will be newsier items as well, such as articles on the deadly effects of global climate change on the region’s many glacial lakes, as well some serious content on their blog.

In addition to Langman, the Patagon Journal is publishing some of the best journalists, photographers, and travel writers to have ever covered southern Chile. “Patagonia is a rare, special place” says Langman. “We want to explore and show all facets of Patagonia’s natural and cultural landscape, and at the same time help contribute to its long-term protection.”

The magazine can be enjoyed online, in traditional form published on FSC-certified paper and available to subscribers all over the world, and as a digital edition for iPad that will include video and other extra materials. An online Travel Directory is still sparsely populated by hotels, restaurants, shops, and tours, but should fill up, and be more useful, soon.

Langman plans to donate 10% of the Patagon Journal’s subscription revenue to NGOs dedicated to preserving the region’s increasingly fragile environment and culture. First, however, they need to fund themselves, with both donations and subscribers who help through Donate now and get free subscriptions, shipping, T-shirts and more. Even if you don’t have $5 to spare, it’s worth checking out the page just to see those the marvelous photos of Chile’s Patagonia.

-Paige Penland

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