Running a Marathon on the Great Wall of China

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Great Wall of China

Steep Stairs on the Great Wall of China. Photo courtesy of SteFou! via Flickr.

It is one thing to aspire to taking a hike to the Great Wall of China, it is quite another to run a full on marathon across it. For those looking to do a little traveling, but also put that physique to the test, this is definitely the opportunity to do it. Starting on May 15, you can choose to run in many types of races including the full- and half-marathon, as part of a larger tour of the wall and Beijing.

The marathon is held once a year along the Huangyaguan or Huangya Pass known as the Yellow Cliffs. Not for the faint of heart, there are several obstacles to endure during the run, including over 5,100 stone steps that seem to go either straight up or straight down.

For those who decide to embark on this remarkable event, you can choose from one of two major packages that include up to a week’s worth of accommodations and activities not only in Beijing, but also rural Jixian near to the marathon venue, as well as an introductory tour to China and the Great Wall. The tour also comes with plenty of inclusive meals including lots of energy-giving pasta in the days leading up to the race.

For a touch of culture, certain packages also include local excursions to the outdoor markets, the Qing Tombs and Chinese style cuisine according to your taste. As a part of that tour, you also get to visit the Ding Dongling tomb of the Empress Dowager Cixi, complete with gorgeous motifs and beautifully carved columns.

In order to register for the international marathon log on to the Great Wall Marathon website.

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