Missing Home? 5 Tasty American Restaurants in China

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Find classic American food at Yeeha in Shanghai - photo courtesy of Micah Sittig via Flickr

It’s not uncommon that during a long trip abroad that you might want to eat something your body is already used to. Chinese food is known around the world as being particularly delicious, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to settle your gut with some good ol’ fashioned American comfort food. So, when you find yourself in some of China‘s more notorious stops, give these places a try.

If there’s a fake bull hanging from the ceiling, you have found the right place. Get all the traditional dishes here, from chicken and gravy with mashed potatoes, to succulent barbequed spare ribs slathered in bbq sauce, to delicious mozzarella sticks. At less than $15 a head, this is great value.

Bubba’s Texas Style Barbecue and SaloonShanghai
Texas-style barbecue. Need I say more? This place has been going strong since 2006, offering imported Wagyu beef burgers, steak and baked potatoes, and not to mention a plethora of delicious appetizers, nachos, crab cakes and chili cheese fries.

Nola CaféBeijing
Not just the normal toss-up of typical American cuisine, this place adds a little class to the Louisiana kitchen. Listen to some lovely jazz music as you try the parmesan fries, crawfish jambalaya, or shrimp remoulade with fennel. Po’ boys and chili chicken also adorn the menu.

Everyday USAShanghai
Essentially no different than TGIF or Applebee’s, this place epitomizes good-tasting American junk cuisine that is sure to make your heart stop. Complete with checkered tablecloths and the oddly placed American memorabilia on the walls, get all the favorites here: pasta, burgers, steak, and of course, calorie-packed desserts.

New York City DeliShanghai
As a New Yorker myself, it had to happen, and in the end, it absolutely did not disappoint. The sandwiches here are excellent. The meat portions are huge, and they have tons of different kinds of toppings, cheeses, condiments, and breads – everything to complete your ideal sandwich. And at less than $7 a head, how could you not?

- John Reality

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