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Rice noodles are a popular street snack in Guilin – photo courtesy of gigijin via Flickr

Guilin cuisine has been strongly influenced over the centuries by the food of its neighbouring provinces. Out of Canton, Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, and Fujian cuisines, Cantonese and Sichuan dishes have proved the most enduring.

Popular Guilin dishes include stewed duck with gingko or ginger, Lipu taro pork, fried chicken with water chestnut, lotus-leaf duck (duck wrapped in a lotus leaf), Lo Han boiled chicken and sour fried dried fish, to name but a few!

Traditionally the Chinese have a holistic relationship with food and each dish has carefully selected ingredients believed to nourish and impart particular health benefits to the person who consumes it. For example, the Lipu taro pork dish is believed to extinguish unwelcome heat or inflammation within the body and improve your complexion!

Street snacks are just as popular in Guilin as the rest of China. Rice noodles can be found everywhere and form the basis of a tasty soup or stir-fry, usually with meat or a meat stock. Vegetarians might want to seek out nun noodles, which are boiled with a tasty stock of bean sprouts, mushrooms and bamboo shoots and served with vegetables.

Glutinous rice is versatile enough to be made into several dishes. Rice flour dumplings and rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaf are popular snacks. Choose from a variety of filings including chestnut, bean paste, pork and peanuts.

The main ‘eat’ streets in Guilin are Binjiang Road, Jiefang West Street, Putuo Road, Meishi Cheng and Zhishan Road.

- Emma McMahon

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