Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in China

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West Lake

West Lake

If you find yourself on a large-scale tour of China, one of the most intriguing things you can do is explore its endless natural beauty. Its world-renowned lakes are a good place to start, so we’ve listed our picks for China’s top 5 most beautiful lakes.

1. Lake Tai
One of the largest freshwater lakes in the country, Lake Tai is also one of the most beautiful, covering more than 544,000 acres (2,200 sq km). Plush greenery spans the top of scenic limestone formations and from the right place, you can see a single pagoda poking through the trees. Located in the Yangtze Delta at the east-most end of the country, it is also a convenient place to travel.

2. Kanas Lake
Located in the Altay prefecture in Xinjiang, the Kanas connects with a few streams that make it ideal for camping, hiking and pretty much any outdoor activity you fancy. With diverse and exotic wildlife, be on the lookout for some rare sights.

3. Tianchi Lake
Also referred to as “Heaven Lake,” this high-latitude volcanic vent sits atop 7,000 feet (2,150 m) and is engorged by 16 mountain peaks. Situated at the border with North Korea, this one might be a little difficult to get to, but its stunning contrasts of a blue water-base and green surrounds make it worth the trip.

4. Qinghai Lake
The largest lake in China, Qinghai Lake is a mammoth, blue beauty that covers a surface area of 1,616 square miles (4,186 sq km). If you tried to walk around it, it would take you more than a week. Instead, get yourself a car and check out Bird Island, Haixin Hill, Haixi Hill and the three rocks known as Sankuaishi.

5. West Lake
In western Hangzhou City, this wonderful lake known for its beauty is divvied up into five sections. Known as a historical landmark, West Lake is filled with peach trees and willows and is linked to several national Chinese heroes.

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