Hot Air Ballooning on the South Island

August 23, 2012 by

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Hot Air Balloon over Canterbury Plains

Hot Air Balloon over Canterbury Plains. Photo credit: thinboyfatter via Flickr.

It’s no secret that the South Island of New Zealand is regarded as one of the most scenic places on the planet. While many will tell you the absolute best way to experience this beauty is from the windows of a helicopter, why not try something a little different and tour the South Island of New Zealand from the basket of a hot air balloon? Peer towards the soaring peaks of the Southern Alps and across the fertile valleys and vineyards of Canterbury to see why experiencing the South Island by hot air balloon is a creative adventure worthy of inclusion on any South Island itinerary.

Operating from various bases in Canterbury and Queenstown, most South Island balloon tours lift off at daybreak to take advantage of calm winds, ideal lighting, and clear skies which offer views stretching for over 180 miles. Once you’ve snapped all your photos and your heart has finally stopped racing, end your journey by landing in a rural field where a champagne breakfast celebrates your return to solid ground.

In a country which prides itself as being the world’s capital of adventure, hot air ballooning across the South Island is not only a thrilling start to the day, but an authentic New Zealand adventure you can be sure that you’ll write home about.

- Kyle Ellison

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