The World Buskers Festival in Christchurch

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New Zealand Busker

New Zealand Busker. Photo courtesy of salman.javed via Flickr.

If one thing is certain it’s that everybody loves a good street performer, and in few places in the world do so many of them gather in the same place as at the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch. Each January visitors flock by the thousands to witness over 50 entertaining street acts that range from musicians to jugglers to comedians and pranksters. More than just the local Christchurch talent, the World Buskers Festival actually incorporates acts which travel from across the globe to take part in the legendary festival.

Family-friendly acts spread across the city during the daylight hours, and any passerby simply strolling through Hagley Park or the City Mall will be a treated to side-splitting performances which are all offered free of charge. Of course, since the entertainers are performing for free, a monetary show of gratitude is accepted in exchange for the entertainment and laughter.

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Once the sun goes down over Christchurch, however, acts which were once a family affair tend to ratchet up the maturity of the performances by night. The Christchurch Casino and various pubs across town usually host some of the nighttime action, although be forewarned that volunteers are often pulled out of the crowd and you may end up spending a fair bit of time on stage.

After ten days of impromptu hilarity most of Christchurch is walking around in stitches, and as the largest outdoor festival in New Zealand it’s likely to keep Christchurch laughing for many performances to come.

- Kyle Ellison

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