The Carlsberg Brewery in Denmark

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The Carlsberg Brewery in Denmark. Photo courtesy of malouette via Flickr.

The Carlsberg Brewery in Denmark. Photo courtesy of malouette via Flickr.

Beer aficionados, history buffs and those looking to do something outside of the normal museum, art gallery or church need not venture far from Copenhagen to do so, thanks to the Carlsberg Brewery. As one of the Nordic region’s oldest breweries – it was founded in 1847 by JC Jacobsen –Carlsberg offers visitors the chance to explore the historic location, learn about beer and of course sample some of the popular labels suds.

There are numerous ways to experience the brewery via self-guided and guided tours. For those who opt to tour with a group, there are different options depending on what visitors hope to learn and see. The Carlsberg Classic, a 45-minute tour, educates guests about the history of Carlsberg. It includes an introduction in the visitors center, then a walk through the villa of JC Jacobsen (which was once home to Danish Nobel Prize winner Niehls Bohr), and into Brewer Square, ending at the New Carlsberg Brewery and Elephants Gate.

For those who want a little more access, there is the Old Carlsberg Brewery Tour which takes people to the sealed floors and rooms showing how beer was produced in the 1800s. This tour shows how beer is made, from brew to bottling.

If a look at how the times have changed for the brewery is of interest, then take the New Copenhagen – the Carlsberg Area Then and Now tour. This tour focuses more on the town of Carlsberg than the brewery and shows how it will transform in the next two decades, including revealing plans for the new town. It also highlights the monuments of Carlsberg – the Lighthouse, Lotus Chimney, Star Gate and Carlsberg Power Plant.

Finally, there is The Carlsberg Cellars tour, a 75 – 90 minute exploration of the brewery complete with a visit to Brewer Square and the cellars.

A self-guided tour should include the following: a walk through the granary, exploring the stables where Jutland horses are housed and then on to the sculpture garden where a small version of the infamous Little Mermaid statue can be found. Finally, visitors end up at the Jacobson Brewhouse, where beer is still brewed. No visit to the brewery is complete without stopping to sample some of the creations and a visit to the Aroma room inside Bar Jacobsen.

-Diana Edelman

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