Dominican Republic Golfing: Pete Dye’s Gift to Golfers

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Golf in the Dominican Republic

Golf in the Dominican Republic

Is it odd that a sport originating in rainy-old-Scotland 600 years ago is now one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors on a Caribbean vacation?

A humble man by the name of Pete Dye is arguably one of the most important architects of international golf courses in the last century. He grew up practicing on his dad’s homemade course in Ohio, as well as serving as a greens keeper while he was a young WWII soldier. It’s no surprise that Dye went on to place well in amateur championships and even marry the eventual “First Lady” of golf course architecture, Alice Dye, a golf champ with dozens of titles herself.

A pot bunker (short for pothole bunker) which, predictably, resembles a very large pothole, is one of the course features Dye brought back with him after his trip to Scotland in 1963 – when he was in his late 30’s – and incorporated into his work. Another trademark for which he is now famous involves holding up eroding sand with railroad ties (the ladder-looking parts, called “sleepers” in Scotland). He’s also known for creating the Island Green in Florida, a.k.a. the “world’s most terrifying tee shot.”

In 2008, Dye was recognized as part of the World Golf Hall of Fame for his contributions. The dedication to his landscapes also helped him receive the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award back in 2005. His designs are often perceived as not too long but quite difficult – naturally rolling links on which even the greatest players in the world have tackled his obstacles with difficulty.

He and Mrs. Dye have built over 100 courses, and the Dominican Republic is lucky to have three of his public ones. They’re all within the Casa de Campo resort: Teeth of the Dog, La Estancia, and Dye Fore. It’s probably safe to say that the golfing in these sea-scented stretches of green comes with some of the finest tee-time experiences you’ll ever have. Thanks Pete.

- Natalie Grant

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