One Day in Samana

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Samana, Dominican Republic. Photo courtesy of zqvol via Flickr.

Samana, Dominican Republic. Photo courtesy of zqvol via Flickr.

If you’re on a cruise ship out in the incredibly blue Caribbean waters, chances are, sooner or later, you’re looking for some place to dock and put some island time in. With the Dominican Republic looming large, you might have the option to port for one day in Samana. If this is the case, take the opportunity. This little port town is known less for the city itself, and more for the wonderful natural landscape it surrounds. People here are friendly and used to tourists wanting to explore the island and its beautiful waterways. Advice for just one day in Samana? Grab a bite to eat in town, but head out into the surrounding coastline for the best experience.

La Playita is a great option if you’re just headed into Samana on a Caribbean cruise ship excursion. This little postcard paradise is what you think about when you think of tropical island getaway. Palm trees lazily stretch out toward the crystalline blue water, coconuts occasionally fall and all the news of the day is brought by the offshore breeze. This little stretch of solitude does have a little restaurant on its shores, so if you happen to be hungry or thirsty, try some local tacos and a beer before heading back into the water.

If you’re looking for a little more excitement out of your excursion, then consider a hike into the surrounding jungles to see some of the Dominican Republic’s best waterfalls. A half-day on mules or horseback, a full day on foot, you’ll enjoy nothing but the local scenery and fruit trees when you visit the El Limon waterfalls.

Additional adventures include ATV riding, zip-lining, whale-watching, splashing with Sea Lions and other assorted outdoor adventures. Taxis to these incredible excursions are easily found in the harbor or while walking in town, just be sure to negotiate prices before you embark. These options, the warm nature of the Dominicans and the beautiful breeze should make for more than enough enticement to get off the cruise ship and see Samana, “the world’s most beautiful bay.” You’re only here once, after all.

-Hudson Hornick

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