Exploring the Desert from Dubai

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SUV's Trekking Across the Desert Sands Outside Dubai

SUV’s Trekking Across the Desert Sands Outside Dubai

The glass and steel behemoths of Dubai try their hardest to hide the city’s foundations, but any open space not drenched in water will soon betray its desert origins. And Dubai is one of the best places to discover the great empty expanses which cover much of the Arabian Peninsula. Modern transport, expert guides and a broad menu of experiences mean that anyone with at least a couple of days in Dubai should factor in a trip to the sands.

It couldn’t be easier: get picked up from your hotel in an air-conditioned 4×4 and soon the built environment is behind you, leaving nothing but the awe-inspiring dunes rolling past your window and into eternity. There are photo stops along the way, and remember few things are as certain as a sunny day in Dubai, so the sharp light and rich colors of the desert will be yours for the snapping. Depending on your schedule, there are morning, afternoon or full day trips, or even an overnight stay to experience the wonder of a desert sunrise.

Riding camels on a Dubai Desert Safari

Riding camels on a Dubai Desert Safari

A Dubai desert safari comes with a multiple speed setting. You can hit the dunes in quad bikes, take a camel ride, or let gravity and your own nimble footing lead the way as you sandboard the slopes. Or of course you can always simply stand still and drink in the silence.

In the evening, a desert barbecue dinner under the stars and a hit of the shisha pipe will bring all the romance of desert adventure alive, lacking only a belly dancer to complete the picture. Oh, wait! There she is. Here are even more reasons to go on a Desert Safari in Dubai.

- James Conway

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