Family Friendly Things to Do in Dubai

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Hot Air Balloons in Dubai

Hot Air Balloons in Dubai. Photo courtesy of kun0me via Flickr.

Though it is strangely off the radar for many Western tourists, the Emirate of Dubai has grown into a fantastic travel destination, particularly for vacations with the family.

Located roughly 25 minutes by car from the center of Dubai City, Jumeirah Beach features some of the best white sand beaches in the region, as well as panoramic views, waves, pools, parks, picnic spots and shower facilities. Like Al-Mamzar, it is also a good place to take children, as the main swimming areas are all carefully monitored by lifeguards.

One of the most astonishing and unforgettable family friendly things to do in Dubai is to take part in one of the many hot air balloon cruises. You’ll want to get in early or even the night before (the better cruises typically depart at dawn); but rest assured, the extra effort is worth it.

Since the discovery of oil in the mid-1960s, Dubai has experienced a population explosion and an increase in wealth that has rarely been rivaled in the historical record. Along with the stunning skyline and the enormous construction projects currently underway (such as the massive Palm Islands project), “The Walk” at Jumeirah Beach is a testament to the city’s grandeur. The one-mile strip is home to more than 300 vendors selling virtually anything you can imagine. There is a profusion of restaurants, music venues featuring world famous bands and acts, street painting, recycled art displays, comedy shows, sand sculptures, photography, boutiques, department stores, cafes and gyms, and booths selling fashion accessories, arts, and crafts.

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