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Sandboarding (or Sand Surfing) is an increasingly popular adventure activity practiced wherever sand dunes and adrenaline junkies intersect. One of the true meccas of this burgeoning sport is the profusion of slopes and hills around Dubai City and elsewhere in the UAE. Dubai is home to Big Red, one of the largest and steepest known sand dunes in the world, and along with other increasingly famous runs in the area, it is rapidly gaining a reputation for excellence among those in the know.

Sandboarding in Dubai by Giorgio Montersino on Flikr

Sandboarding in Dubai photo courtesy of Giorgio Montersino on Flikr

The annual Hugo International Sandboarding Championship is held at the same time as the annual Shopping Festival in Dubai City in late January and early February. If you’re new to the sport and planning a visit to the region, this is a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with sandboarding in Dubai and take in a little retail therapy while you’re at it.

The first time you surf, snowboard, or ski, it goes without saying that lessons are advisable. The same is true with sandboarding. Even if you’re fluent in the aforementioned snow and water sports, the technicalities of locating quality dunes and navigating your way down them are sufficiently complicated to justify a little expert advice and assistance. Among the tours available, the most desirable include scenic circuits of the dunes around Dubai City via 4WD vehicles, many of which will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel at no additional cost.

If you’re hoping to get the most out of your first experience on the sandy slopes, a guided tour comes highly recommended. Check out this Private 4×4 Adventurer Safari including Sandboarding, for example.

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