How to Spend a Rainy Day in Dublin

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The National Museum of Ireland

The National Museum of Ireland

A rainy day in Dublin is part of the package, but there’s no need to let a few showers stop you from exploring the city. Here are a few ideas to keep you busy when it’s wet outside.

1) Visit the city’s museums

Dublin has a plethora of museums to keep you entertained while sheltering from the downpours and the National Library, National Museum of Archeology and National Museum of Natural History are just a short dash from each other. For literary buffs there’s the Dublin Writers Museum; those looking for something different can check out the Little Museum of Dublin and for some light-hearted fun there’s the National Leprechaun Museum (yes, really). Don’t forget to view the legendary Book of Kells, exhibited at the Trinity College Campus, an architectural masterpiece in itself.

2) Go Shopping

Once the rain sets in for the day, you’ll be glad for Dublin’s wide selection of under-cover shopping malls, where you can while away the hours browsing an array of shops. The Blanchardstown Centre is the country’s largest. It has a  library, cinema, bowling alley and quasar center, as well as a 3-floor Jervis shopping center with a sizable food court and is right in the heart of town. Alternatively, the George’s Street Arcade is an indoor market worth an hour or two of your time with stalls selling a variety of vintage clothing, jewellery and handcrafted gifts.

3) Drink away the blues

There’s no better excuse to spend a lazy afternoon sipping pints down the local pub than when the skies are grey and the heavens have opened. Guinness, of course, is the drink of choice, but look out for the new breed of microbrewery pubs, serving up a selection of excellent home-brewed ales. Don’t miss a Guinness Brewery tour either, where you can see the factory, sip a cold pint and enjoy the impressive view from the top floor bar, all while sheltering from the rain.

4) Brave the rain

If you really want to do as the locals do, then don’t let the drizzle stop you from going about your day. Bring an umbrella, slip a lightweight raincoat in your bag and head out to explore the sights. Not only is there a good chance of the rain easing up later, but it often looks a lot worse from the hotel room window than it actually is. If you need more of an incentive, remember that the city’s outdoor sights are likely to be crowd-free on rainy days, as everyone else heads indoors.

- Zoe Smith

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