The Best Dive Spots in Egypt

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Scuba Diving in the Red Sea. Photo courtesy of Derek Keats via Flickr.

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea. Photo courtesy of Derek Keats via Flickr.

Some say that Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt’s Red Sea is the best undersea destination, and it is indeed fantastic. Depending on the weather conditions and the quality of your guides and gear however, you can have memorable experiences in a wide variety of destinations. Here is our advice for the best dive spots in Egypt.

Divers with lots of experience in Egypt know that the further south you go, the better the diving gets. Hurghada and Marsa Alam are good jumping off points to explore the extraordinary Abu Nuhas wreck system. There are incredibly rich sites with considerable shark action at The Brothers Islands, Elphinstone and Zabargad. The latter areas are particularly good for divers seeking encounters with whitetip sharks and large schools of fish, as well as caves and numerous tunnel systems.

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Less experienced divers will want to keep in mind that water temperatures vary considerably throughout the year. From June through August, the water can reach as high as 86°, and it falls to a “chilly” 71° in February. That may sound like a joke, but it is really quite important to pick out the appropriate exposure suit for the time of year.

Whale shark season runs from the end of May until the end of July. To check out the sardine runs, you’ll need to plan a trip around the end of December and the beginning of February.

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