The Valley of the Kings

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The Valley of the Kings in Egypt is one of the most important and dated historical landmarks in the world. Containing several tombs belonging to ancient Egyptian pharaohs, nobles and their families from the New Kingdom dynasties from the 16th to 11th century B.C., the valley includes the tombs of Ramesses I, Ramesses III and Merenptah.

Buying tickets to the Valley of the Kings gets you access to any three tombs of your choice, with extra visitations costing a bit extra, but once inside, there are metal inscriptions detailing the history of each tomb.

Valley of the Kings photo courtesy of jay8085 on Flikr

Valley of the Kings photo courtesy of jay8085 on Flickr

Perhaps the most commonly visited tomb is that of Tutankhamun given the fame surrounding him. However, it should be noted that none of the original riches are in the tomb and it is actually quite small compared to some of the others. We recommend the tomb of Ramesses VI. With a great deal of interesting history, the tomb is also one of the best preserved, with lots of great decorative schemes still quite visible.

The valley is located on the west bank of the famous Nile River across from Thebes, so if you are going there from Cairo your best option is to take a train out to Luxor via the Egyptian National Railways. It is a long ride, so perhaps try the overnight trains.

Another thing to note is that the tombs open and close for long periods of time, so it might be wise to check beforehand which will be open during your stay.

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